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A Division of Amchem Products Pvt. Ltd !

Finally - the perfect Waterproofing Materials, Waterproofing Membrane is available! Apply Drythane and create the green roof of your dreams... Solvent Free, Durable, Thick Film (2.00mm) Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane.

Best Seller

Drythane is a solvent free, 2K Polyurethane Coating system that is non-flammable and does not emit obnoxious smells. It has been designed specifically as a high-performance Waterproofing Membrane. Drythane provides lifelong protection to concrete and other masonry. Once coated, the surface is completely impervious to water. You can make green roofs with lawns, water fountains, swimming pools etc.

DryThane is a result of hardwearing, 100% Solids (Solvent Free) Polyurethane Coating technology sold worldwide by the parent company Amchem Products Pvt. Ltd. They are reckoned as extremely durable, tough and heavy duty coatings ideal to protect industrial concrete structures. They provide maximum protection to seawater cooling towers, treatment plants and other structures. They come with more than 30 years of life.

Amchem provides these coatings in more than 2.5 Crore square feet specifications to the Indian and worldwide markets. We also provide this same high-performance technology to the waterproofing market to overcome the usage of sub-standard, low-performing products.

Quality Control 

We keep up with continuous, detailed and precise quality controls. Our dedicated quality control staff ensures high and stable quality of Slab Waterproofing Membrane etc. All of our products are perfect in any aspect. They perform excellent, and provide the best solution. Our waterproofing coatings are easily applicable, cost-efficient and proven. Our products are developed to satisfy the requirements of customers. There is a complete quality system for the development, production and distribution of products. 

Our quality requirements:
  • Control of all inputs 
  • Process and product quality control 
  • Proven waterproofing systems, and more. 
Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings protect various structures like storage tanks, vessels, oil & gas pipeline, bridges, and other facilities. They have been effective with great life expectancy and performance. Also, they have resistance to corrosive environments, high abrasion resistance, strong adhesion, fast application, and compliance with rigorous regulations. The polyurethane coats offer unique handling, environmental and performance advantages. Further, they are developed to give desired results.


We produce and supply a broad range of products such as Slab Waterproofing Membrane. There are outstanding waterproofing materials, repairing materials, etc. Our company is committed to innovation, quality and cost-efficiency. Also, there is continual development of better and new products. We keep up with an organized R&D for the best possible creations. To meet the changing market needs, we work with latest technological developments in the sector.

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